In The Navy……Hale Navy that is.


Can you hear me singing hallelujah? I know I’m repeating myself, but I’m totally loving all things navy these days. I acquired this piece from a delightful woman who was down sizing and unloading of several pieces of funiture. I ended up grabbing the china cabinet as well,  (that transformation to come later), but it completely matches this buffet. So here is where it began.


I adore serpentine, curvy front, pieces of furniture. So when I spotted this beauty, it was a no brainer. As mentioned, I knew I was going with DIY chalk paint using Hale Navy. Seriously, it’s so versatile and way more neutral than most might think.  Makes me love it that much more. After a good cleaning, the body received 2 coats of paint.


The top had several scratches and I wanted it a bit deeper, so I sanded it down and gave it 2 coats of Jacobean and a good coat of polyurethane for protection.


And then I let it sit for a day, drying and curing, but also deciding how I wanted to finish it. So, I typically have to walk away from a piece and return multiple times before deciding. I knew I was going to revive the hardware with gold Rub n’ Buff. Each of the drawers have a detailed trim, so I thought it would be fun to add a distressed gold to that trim. I literally rubbed the Rub n’ Buff on with my finger.


After gently distressing the edges, I then used antiquing glaze and applied that all over the body of the piece, wiping it off right after applying. This added a great depth to the gorgeous navy. After that dried well, I applied a good coat of Minwax Finishing Paste Wax. Its my favorite.


The hardware got a nice coat of gold Rub n’ Buff…..what a stellar transformation. And the end result…drum roll please…..







So utterly gorgeous. I have it listed for sale, but am contemplating keeping it.

French Grey Buffet and Matching Table



Recently, I recreated a couple of vintage pieces for a lovely client and her family. She inherited these from a family member, which is always a bonus. However, the finish on the furniture left a lot to be desired.

Apparently, they sat in a basement somewhere, unused, for some time. There was a bit of water damage to the table top and all of the legs on both pieces. She and her husband delivered them to me and I got busy…..very busy.

This is where the pieces started….not at all the look she was going for in her new beautiful home.



A very old yellow paint/heavy glaze finish. Not super attractive. Dont you
love the flower motif on the buffet doors? She really wanted the tops restained and bases painted. They decided on a Parisian French Grey (Sparrow by Behr). Its one of my all time favorite greys. Elegant and timeless.


Table top half sanded…..


I used 2 coats of Jacobean Minwax stain for the table top and and painted 2 coats of my own chalk paint using some Calcium Carbonate dissolved in a little bit of water. A light distressing of the paint goes a long way.


This is how the legs used to look…..ummmm, no thank you.



And the beautiful buffet after the same process.


After both cured well over 24 hours, I gave the stained tops a nice coat of wipe on polyurethane. Allowing them to dry 6-8 hrs in between coats and applying 3 total coats. The painted bases received a heavy coat of dark wax and then I buffed it to a nice finish.


The hardware received a heavy coat of Brasso and a long scrubbing/polishing.


What a before and after difference? My happy clients picked up the pieces this past weekend. They were delighted, which in turn makes me delighted. Overall, an awesome transformation.

Classic Vintage Buffet in Navy

So, it’s been a while……..actually a LONG while since I have posted anything. My wordpress account is probably stunned. Shocked that it’s being used. Haaaaa. After sharing our ‘Carrara marble backsplash’ post avter Christmas, I really could no longer stand the khaki color on the walls that run through the entire open area of our home. What’s a girl to do, you ask? Paint!!! And that’s what I’ve been doing… ‘grey/gray’ adventure is to come in another post.

What I listed yesterday for sale is this gem. Finished in Hale Navy (a BM color, but mixed in Behr eggshell) and topped with a wipe on polyurethane. Normally, I use a waterbased Polycrylic, however on a dark finished/non distressed piece it can tend to show the bubbles and brush strokes.  The wipe on polyurethane gets applied with a lint free rag, takes a solid 24 hrs to cure, but gives excellent protection.  I used gold ‘Rub n’ Buff’ on the hardware……OMG, I love that stuff.  Normally, I use Brasso on tarnished hardware but it wasn’t cutting the mustard this time.  I really needed/wanted gold and the Rub n’ Buff is more like a paint/wax in one.


Classic vintage appeal is perfect and the color is super neutral. Looks like a marine in their ‘dress blues’.  Typically, my finishes lean more to the farmhouse chic look, weathered/distressed/waxed. But the elegant clean lines of this vintage piece did not lend itself to that particular look. For this beauty, uniform and simple were key.



(Yes, that is a glimpse in the background of the new color running throughout our home. It’s another BM color, Winterwood.  Loving it!)

And of course……the before picture of this buffet pre-rehab.


The new and improved look is far better.



Vintage Black Beauty


Busy would be an understatement for our crazy lives recently. I have been rehabbing pieces and working with a client to resource multiple decor items for a ‘Farm to Table’ inn that she is preparing to launch in the greater Denver area. The end result will be fabulous, as she lives on an amazing plot of land with a full working/operating farm/garden full of organic veggies and tons of fantastic flowers. This endeavor has been such a treat for me. When it all comes together, and with her permission of course, I’m hoping to post multiple pictures of the finished product……so stay tuned.

Several pieces in inventory had to take a back seat while I have been occupied ‘playing’ with my new friend and pulling things together to wrap up her unit for launch. Slowly, I have been recreating this lovely piece and was delighted to put the finishing touches on it last night.
<img src="" alt="IMG Continue reading

Serpentine front Buffet

This just completed………


My sweet client, whom I just recreated a china cabinet for, decided that she wanted first right of refusal on this fabulous, vintage, Bernhardt buffet that I was working on. They recently moved into their new home and she is quickly having fun decorating all of her new spaces. Totally the best part of a new home, I think.

After all of my prep steps, cleaning, sanding and 2 coats of primer….I decided of a french linen color (Behr- Ashwood) as the base color and I trimmed it out with my favorite white (Behr- Polished Pearl).



At this stage was when my client decided to come and take a look, as she had not hand picked the colors, I had. Loving it ‘as is’, she decided to leave the finish crisp… no distressing or glazing. While that is not common place for majority of my work (as I am typically distressing and glazing), I too enjoy the clean finish of this piece.



The entire piece received a good coat of wax and the top got 2 coats. All original hardware was scrubbed, polished and buffed using Brasso……what a difference. Love the elegant serpentine front…….and the fact that it is going to one of my sweetest clients ever.



Sideboard Beauty, Elegantly Chic

Just completed this piece for a client who will be picking it up today. Great lines, 8 legs and a subtle curvy front.


My client will be using this as her sofa table. I finished it in a Parisian grey (Sparrow by Behr), then tastefully distressed, glazed and waxed it. Polished up the original hardware, which is stunning, w/some Brasso. I’m hoping that she will be very pleased.


This is where she began (photo is from the former owner)

And now she has a whole new look……..


French Provincial Rehab Buffet/Sideboard/Dresser……Reveal

Finally finished this lovely gem. I was torn as to what color I would finish this piece with. I decided on 2 different shades. The creamy cocoa brown is Behr ‘Ethiopia’ and the white trim is Behr ‘Polished Peal’.
The serpentine front is incredibly elegant. After painting, I tastefully distressed/antiqued it, then applied a custom mixed Expresso colored glaze and finished with a good coat of wax. It gives such and authentic vintage feel.
I think I really love this shade of brown on this piece.

Another French Provincial Rehab – Dresser/Sideboard/Buffet

Here I go again. I was delighted to locate another 9 drawer, solid wood, french provincial dresser this past weekend. These tend to be my heavy hitters/most popular pieces of furniture that I recreate. I think it’s because they are incredibly versatile and can be used in so many different locations within the home. The lines of french provincial pieces are so soft and elegant…….I love the feet on these types of pieces too.


This piece is in immaculate condition, such an incredible bonus. However, I’m torn as to what color/colors I should go with. I have a few different ideas…… I suppose I will wait for her to speak to me as I’m sanding her shine off in my workshop shortly. I was tickled that it came with a mirror as well. Woo-Hoo!!!



Stunning Buffet, Completely Chic

In my last post, I shared some pics of a buffet/sideboard that I was in the process of transforming for a client. Just completed it this morning and I am tickled with the results. I know she will love this piece as well. It’s going to be difficult to let it go.

After 2 coats of my new favorite blue, ‘Distance’, I gently and elegantly distressed it. I don’t like to go crazy with the distressing……… I’d rather see subtle elements of it here and there.


After the sanding, I used some java brown glaze on it. I apply it with a cheap ‘chip’ brush and wipe it off with utility paper towels. I also use unscented baby wipes to control the depth, removing as needed and reapplying more if necessary. It’s really all about preference. The legs on his piece have wonderful detail and I love to see the pop of glaze in all the nooks and crannies.


I let the glaze dry over night and then applied 2 coats of Polycrylic (satin/clear) on the top and one coat on the rest. My client will be using this as a bar area, so durability is key.

All of the hardware was brought back to life with a hearty scrub and major polishing using Brasso. The hardware went from dark and dreary to bright and shiny. So classy looking………Love me some Brasso!!!!!!! You can see the major difference. My client is picking up tomorrow, so I will be praying for her to be delighted with it. I always love creating special pieces for people to enjoy for years to come. That’s the total blessing.


Recreated…Stunning Buffet

Just began my latest piece. I picked up this buffet for a client and I love the design so much that I grabbed the matching china cabinet that matches. (I’ll rehab that piece at a later date). This is the buffet, fabulous curvy lines, sweet detailed legs and incredibly well made. My client wants to use this as a buffet/quasi ‘bar’ area. And it will be fantastic.

My last piece sold so quickly that she never had an opportunity to see it in person. The gal who bought that piece is using it for her wedding, which will be at the Denver Botanical Gardens…….I was so tickled. She and her hubby will then use it in their home. So, I will recreate this new piece with the same finish as that piece, which looks like so……..

Thus far, I have cleaned, sanded, primed and sanded again. The prep work is vital to a solid and long lasting finish. Paint will go on shortly, once I run kiddos to school. So stay tuned…….