Pristine Drexel Buffet in French Linen

Suffice it to say, we have been crazy busy. Like most everyone during this time of year, somehow there doesnt seems to be enough hours in the day to accomplish all that I would like to.  Half way through working on this lovely piece, I was also completely redoing our teenage daughters bedroom (that post to come) moving our younger teenage son into our daughters old room (and redoing it), planning, prepping, baking/cooking and creating a huge Thanksgiving feast for our local extended family and attempting to tackle some smaller projects around the house. Does this strike a chord in any of you? I thought it might, so we are moving on. 

I was tickled when I found this piece. Not only was it in great overall condition, but none of the veneer needed repaired and all of the drawers/doors operate very smoothly.

I knew right away that I wanted to keep this buffet very  classic. So I opted for a French Linen DIY chalk paint on the body of the piece and the trim received a delicate coat of Alabaster White. 

I very gently distressed, as a nod to its vintage appeal, and buffed all the hardware with Rub n Buff in antique gold. 

The top of the buffet was given 2 coats of a wipe on Polyurethane for added durability and the body was coated with clear wax.

The overall finish is so super elegant and absolutely timeless.

She’s available for sale. 

Oh Hale Yeah…..


It’s been busy around here, working on other projects, as well as some custom pieces for clients. Then we had a bit of travel over our kiddos spring break. Visited the lovely and warm area of Phoenix and then onto Lake Las Vegas, before traveling home in an absolute blizzard. Suffice it to say…..I MISS MY FLIP FLOPS!!!!!


So I was finally able to get my hands on the cutie that had been sitting in my workshop for some time. Fun, little Chippendale style secretary desk that I transformed. Looking very smart in her Hale Navy dress blues with a touch of Parisian Grey on the interior.


The cubby area was restained with Jacobean and is completely removable, very cool. Replaced all the hardware and decided to go with some antique bronze, card catalog pulls with labels on the drawers….for the ultimate desk type organization. The cabinet doors above received matching colored knobs with some small decorative details.



Another fun addition….this piece came with the original and fully functioning skeleton key. So sweet!




I’m digging all things navy these days and this piece does not disappoint. She just needs a new home now.

Vintage Chicken Coop Table


A client of mine left this old chicken coop with me when she picked up her french farmhouse coffee table that I rehabbed for her. This was a ‘found’ object on her farm….what a bonus. Forever,  I have been wanting to get my hands on an old coop. My clients only request to me, “Have fun & do whatever you want to it”…..alrighty then.

This is where it began…..dirty,  wood peeling/warped and in need of a little tweeking.


First things first,  a super good cleaning and a ton of sanding. This wood is super rough. I knew that she wanted to use it as some sort of table. Typically,  you will see these re purposed into coffee tables. …but I had just completed her coffee table and she wanted this to be more of a buffet/against the wall type of table.



The solid wood backing was very split and peeling. So I took a chance and got busy peeling the entire first layer off. Hello SPLINTERS!!! After another good sanding and cleaning,  I decided on a creamy white (DIY) chalk paint. Handy hubby added a strip of wood to each end of what would be the bottom, so that I could attach some large locking casters to it. I LOVE caster wheels….they are just totally cool & practical.


3 coats paint, inside and out, and then a bit of distressing was in order. I didn’t go bazurk. …just enough to age it a bit. After that was completely cleaned up, I brushed on a good coat of dark wax. (Minwax makes an awesome finishing paste wax….super reasonable too.  I order mine from Amazon here). A fraction of the cost of all the popular boutique brands.  I finished it off with a piece of pre-cut glass from Home Depot and a decorative knob that I picked up from Hobby Lobby.






Overall, just a fun, funky and unexpected piece.

Quaint China Cabinet Rehab

I finally got around to recreating this great piece. I purchased it long ago when picking up a buffet that I purchased for rehab for a client. This was the matching china cabinet to that buffet. I loved the size and the cute arched top so I snagged it as well.


Typically, I go with my usual suspects…..primer and zero VOC latex Behr paint. While I still used my Behr paint, I decided to mix it with my Calcium Carbonate to create a homemade/DIY chalk paint. This piece did not have a super dark stain or heavy shellac finish on it, so I thought the chalk paint route might work okay on this…….and it worked fabulously. 2 coats covered everything.

I have made chalk paint in the past and like the consistency of the formula that I use. I have not experimented with other elements such as plaster of Paris or unsanded grout. There are lots of reviews and mixtures out there, I just happen to prefer the smooth application using Calcium Carbonate…..and it helps that I had a full container of it on hand. This product can be found at any health food store. It must be in powder form, not tablets.
Recipe is as follows: (I almost always have to double this recipe)
*Mix 4 tablespoons of Calcium Carbonate with 1-2 tablespoons of warm water and mix until well blended/dissolved.
*Mix into 1 cup of latex paint.


The white is Behr Polished Pearl and the interior duck egg blue is Behr Gray Morning.



After the 2nd coat of paint dried overnight, I tastefully distressed the exterior of the piece. Then a light coat of glaze was applied and wiped off with a rag. I let that dry overnight and applied a coat of clear wax. I always use Minwax Finishing paste. It’s my favorite. On the inside, I gave it a finishing coat of Polycrylic. It’s a bit more durable than wax, especially when placing dishes and serving things inside the glass cabinets. Don’t want the shelves getting scratched, right?


Got out the Brasso and went to town on the very tarnished original hardware…..what a difference.



She has been listed for sale and patiently awaits a new home.

French Inspired Urn

Last week I was picking up some supplies from Home Depot. Because I am a HUGE plant fan, I am forced to do the ‘walk through’ in the indoor and outdoor plant areas. (It’s all subliminal). I also love urns in all shapes and sizes. I have several indoors and some outside as well. You can imagine my delight when I spotted several of these urns on clearance. Typically, these can be costly (or more than my cheap wallet is willing to spend). I grabbed 2 of these for $8.50 a piece.

They are perfectly lovely as is, but a little more bronze then I care for. What is a girl to do you ask??????? Bust out some paint and ‘Frencherize’ them. (Yep, totally made up that word……but it works)! Because my workshop has paint o’plenty, color options was not a problem.

I used a cheap chip brush and dabbled on my favorite creamy white (Pot of cream), then I dry brushed on a Parisian grey (Sparrow). I wasn’t going for full coverage, as I wanted it to look a bit rustic and weathered.

Sorry about the lighting in my photos :0/. I took some sand paper to it in random areas, mainly to highlight some of the raised decorative parts. Then I used some left over Expresso glaze, that I had already mixed up from a previous project, and rubbed that on with a cloth…… a very messy manor.

I let that dry and finished it off with a thin coat of wax. 30 minutes start to finish. Now it’s sitting pretty on the divider between our kitchen eating area and the tv room.