Dated Picture Gone Chalkboard

Love Ballard Designs, but not the price? I think their chalkboards are fabulous. However, the cost, not so much! Their Acanthus message/chalkboards go for $159-for the medium and $259- for the large. Ummmmm, no thank you! They look like so…..


Recently, I picked up a dated picture at my neighbors garage sale. I loved the size (44 x 22) and the detail of the frame. My investment…………..$5. Gotta love it. I knew that I wanted to transform it into a chalkboard for our master bedroom. I have done this before in a post from many months back. One of the easiest transformations ever. My garage sale find was this….


First, I painted the frame with 2 coats of Behr – Ashwood, it’s almost identical to ASCP in French Linen.


I didn’t worry about getting it on the glass, as it’s super simple to remove once dry with a flat edge razor or a putty knife……so don’t worry about being neat. Once that was dry, I rolled on 3 coats of Rustoleum ‘chalkboard’ paint, waiting a couple of hours in between coats. I used a foam roller and a small foam brush to cut it in.



Once the chalkboard paint is completely dry, (I let it cure for 24 hrs), you need to prime it. This way, whatever you write on it will not become imbedded in the black paint. To prime, take a regular piece of white chalk and lie it flat against the chalkboard. Using vertical or horizontal strokes, completely cover all of the chalkboard, then remove the chalk with a damp rag and your ready to write out your ‘to do’ list, grocery list, activity reminders, or something motivational. The possibilities are endless.

Here’s my board, all complete, but still blank. I am pondering what to write on it before hanging it above our bed.


This is the first chalkboard that I created last year, also out of a dated, framed picture that I have had for years. It sits in the walkway off of my kitchen that leads to the dining room. It always reflects something related to the holiday, or motivational, be it scripture or lyrics to one of my favorite Christian songs…..which is what I have on there currently.


Resurrection Day is on its way…….


“Christ The Lord is risen today, Alleluia!
Earth and Heaven in chorus say, Alleluia!


It was time to change up my seasonal decor on the entry table inside my front door.



Sweet little fake eggs……we did decorate some, however they were not worthy of a being on display. LOL


Happy Easter to all in the WordPress blogging world. May it be a day full of abundant blessings!