Dutch Tulip Crate love…..

Many of you, like myself, probably have a love for the HGTV show ‘Fixer Upper’.  I could watch every rerun of each episode and never grow tired of it.  I always seem to find/see something new that I missed the first time around. And……I mean really, are they not just the most darling couple too boot? It’s fun to watch how they work together to incorporate each other’s ideas and areas of expertise. Suffice it to say, it’s maybe my favorite show EVER! 

Having said that, have you ever visited their website/online store?   Click here to check it out. Sooo fabulous. I want pretty much one of everything.  Or, maybe you’re lucky enough to have actually visited their market in Waco? That’s on my bucket list of road trips (if I had one). For now, I can only scroll all of the magnificent items for purchase via their website. And purchase I did……well, just one item. My favorite item. Their most fabulous Dutch Tulip Crate.

I am signed up to receive their website announcements and news. Last week they were having their biggest sale to date and I have been eyeballing this Dutch Tulip Crate for some time now.  So it had to be done…..and it arrive on my front porch this morning. Giddy with excitement was an understatement.  I can think of several places that I would like to use it, but for now I am really enjoying it on our coffee table in the TV room. 

True to its rustic form, the metal mesh is a little rusted, with a nice patina.  There was even residual dirt caked on it from the tulip bulbs it use to house.  Just makes me love it that much more. If you have an opportunity you should check out Joanna Gaines Magnolia market. Warning……the items are all highly tempting.


DIY – Antique Sign

For years, literally, I have been on the hunt for a fun, weathered, antique type of sign. I have seen a few that I really liked but was unwilling to release that kind of dollar amount from my wallet.

So what’s a girl to do? Make one, of course! While it’s not exactly ‘authentic’……it is authentically mine.

I started with a remnant piece of wood that I found hiding in our storage room, leaning against the wall behind the hot water heater……no joke. We have been here 5 years and it had to have belonged to the former owners. It looked like an old shelf of some sort because the outer edge of the wood is rounded. It is probably delighted to be out of the storage room/workshop.
This is where it began……


I barely wiped it down folks, I was wanting results fast. I dry brushed on some grey paint and a bit of duck egg blue, very randomly.




I sanded it a bit and slapped on some stain……totally not going for neat….and then wiped off the stain. After that dried overnight, I got on the computer and decided on a font. I went with ‘Bookman Old Style’ and sized the font to 500 (so it printed one letter per page).


While this may sound silly, I was gripping with ‘what’ I would print on my sign. I looked at tons of different french quotes, sayings, various Pinterest ideas…..nothing really spoke to me. I kept thinking I wanted it simple, and simple it is. Initially, I thought about ‘Farmers Market’. While I am a veggie FREAK…….if given a choice to go to a farmers market or an antique market, I choose the antique market ALL DAY LONG! (Assuming that I have a macked out container of coffee with me).

I cut out around each letter and positioned them on the board with a little tape. Once I had everything lined up as I wanted, I used a pencil (applying a lot of pressure…….like, hurt my fingers kind of pressure) to trace along the outer edge of each letter. This created a faint outline for me, and my black sharpie, on the board.



I used the sharpie to trace along the faint lines that I had created and then some black craft paint and a couple of little paint brushes to fill in each letter.


When all was painted, I let it dry overnight. Today, it still seemed a bit to bold for my liking….


I decided to sand a bit more, this time going over the letters with a sanding block, wiped that down and mixed up a white wash. A big dollup of white paint and water. Heavy on the water…..it looked thinner than milk. So I brushed that on to dumb it down a bit and immediately wiped it off with a paper towel. The coolest thing began to happen……a bit more of the black paint on the letters sort of rubbed off in these totally random areas. And I liked it. I used a little java glaze (dry brushing & and wiping with paper towels) to finish it off. And I think that’s where I shall leave it. I thought about outlining some of the letters with a gold pen, but I’m not sure.



Now, where to hang it? Initially, I wanted it in our library. But now I’m not so sure. Meanwhile, I keep carrying it around the house from the tv room, to the foyer, to the library……almost like I’m trying to calm a baby. My goodness. I’ll post a reveal when it finds a place on one of these walls.

Chicken Wire Cloche

So, I love cloches. I have multiple glass ones, big and small. And I am always on the lookout for more when perusing through antique stores or thrift shops.

I have seen many of variations of chicken wire cloches, so I decided to give it a shot.

I started with a roll of chicken wire, super cheap and available at any home improvement store, a can of Rustoleum’s ‘Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint, needle nose pliers, scissors & burlap ribbon. Gloves should really be on the list, since chicken wire is sharp……. But I’m an ‘instant gratification’ kind of gal when it comes to crafty things, so I powered through…. (“Ain’t nobody got time for that”).

I began by rolling out the chicken wire, this stuff is stiff. I decided on a diameter/width and cut the wire just a hair larger, and ended up with a tall dome…..which looked like so. The tedious part begins. To thoroughly connect the cylinder together, I used the pliers to loop and wrap the wire at every little opened section. I wanted it to look as uniform as possible. Chicken wire bends easily, so that’s a plus.

Then I decided on a height and cut my tall cylinder a little bit over 1/2 way up, as I need material to bend and twist and join together to create the domed top portion of the cloche. (I neglected to snap a picture at this stage, sorry).

I took it outside and gave it a good shot of spray paint, let that dry, and then hit it again to fill in any missed areas. I only painted it because I did not want the cloche to be silver. And I love ‘Oil Rubbed Bronze’.
When that was complete, I brought it back in and filled it with some previously made grass covered styrofoam balls and small white roses. You could use any sort of knob, decorative cork/bottle stop or finial at the top……I didn’t happen to have one on hand. So I tied some burlap ribbon to the top and added a small cardboard note w/a mini clothes pin. Anyone can do this, super simple (and cheap) DIY. And the results………





Resurrection Day is on its way…….


“Christ The Lord is risen today, Alleluia!
Earth and Heaven in chorus say, Alleluia!


It was time to change up my seasonal decor on the entry table inside my front door.



Sweet little fake eggs……we did decorate some, however they were not worthy of a being on display. LOL


Happy Easter to all in the WordPress blogging world. May it be a day full of abundant blessings!

Embellishing that Homemade Crate


Some things are better with a bit of bling. The decorative knobs are not your traditional ‘bling’ (as in, crystals or rhinestones), but it truly adds that little extra something to the ends of my DIY crate. Don’t you think?


Now I want to make several more of these and gift them.

Paper O’ Plenty


More paper you ask? I know, but these pages of sheet music are not ripped out of a book. I scrolled the internet for some sheet music. There are tons of options out there and a bazillion of them that you can print for free. So I did. Then, I ever so carefully, ripped the page to fit my candle length. Soaked the print in some coffee and dried them in the oven for a few minutes. It makes the paper even more aged looking and a little crisp. Wrapped the candles with the aged paper and finished it off with some twine.

I have a sweet little decorative looking bird cage that I had in mind to use. So my candles, which were hanging out in a drawer forever, have been brought back into the picture and now have a nice place on our coffee table. Pines cones are from my yard…….they are sort of taking over out there.



The Tall Wall to Nowhere

As I mentioned in a previous post, a girlfriend took me to the Oh, So, Fabulous Paris Street Market. For a few years I have been looking (on and off) for something fun & junky yet chic, to mount up onto the spaces on our ‘Wall to Nowhere’. (Backing up a bit……we had a decorative panel made for the center section of this wall 3 yrs ago when we had this awesome carpenter/craftsman put up a bunch of crown molding. We need something to break up the vast space). Yesterday, these jewels caught my eye and the price was beyond fabulous. Its a set of old barn type doors, fully equipped with the original rusted hinges and locks. One looks to be slightly taller than the other,they are probably over 6ft tall, so I will ask handy hubby to cut it down a little. I LOVE the authentic, chippy, shabby chic paint that remains. So I will coat them with some Polycrylic to preserve that. I may try to find a fun piece of wrought iron something, to mount on top of the old doors?????? Hmmmmmm?????? Results to come, you’ll have to tell me what you think.