Paper Mache Deer Head Decor

I was on the ‘hunt’ for a good deal. While scoping things out in Hobby Lobby, I came across this fun deer head decor. It was the last one on the shelf. A single shot landed him right in my cart.

But seriously, I have been wanting a faux stag head mount for some time. I actually scored this for about $15 using a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby. Its been sitting in my workshop for many months. I wasn’t exactly sure how I wanted to paint it or where I wanted to put it.

I decided to paint the head a basic white and I used a gold paint pen to make the antlers gold.




I have seen these framed and/or mounted clean onto the wall. Felt like it need another dimension to it. So I created a wood backing, using remnant fence wood that we have stacked up in the back yard.


I actually used my ever favorite Gorilla Glue to glue the back pieces together side by side. I let that dry really well for a couple of days. Then I cut 2 other pieces to line both outer sides (covering the uneven edges of the back pieces) and I screwed those onto the boards. This made it even more stable.


You can see the uneven pieces here on the back. Then I eyeballed where I wanted the deer head to sit on the backdrop, loaded it up with Gorilla Glue and stuck it on.



I let this dry well overnight. Today, I created a wire hanger for the back and decided on a location for the deer to hang.


And here is where he landed…..up above my front door.




Whimsical funky chic….totally my style.

More Junking Finds

Sometimes, you just can’t help yourself. Even if you have no idea what purpose in item will serve when you spot it….. those are the things I like to figure out later.  Like this gigantic glass jar that I got for a scream…… Which made me want to scream, but I managed to contain myself. I eventually decided that I wanted to fill it with something fun and whimsical and place it near my front door.


I created a small tag for it with the word ‘Gather’, appropriately so…. with the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Annually, we host the Thanksgiving dinner for all of my family, and sometimes friends . Though this year, it will just be family.


Be still my beating heart…….I LOVE scales,  kitchen, postal, candy, mercantile…….so, at a different vintage shop I scored this darling antique scale.  Patiently, I wait for a much larger scale for my kitchen island, but I have not been able to locate the perfect one. In the meantime, I am in love with this baby.



The patina and everything about it is perfect. It has found a nice home on the buffet in my dining room. I also snagged this cute little old school children’s bench…….precious.


Any special plans for Thanksgiving?

Antique-ee Junky Finds


So, I mentioned before that I have been working with my new friend who is preparing to launch a Farm to Table Inn. I have been helping her by resourcing certain pieces for her place. Its always the thrill of the hunt. And when you stumble upon that perfect peace, its like sweet victory….. Especially at the right price. I didn’t want to start screaming and shouting “hallelujah” in the antique mall as people probably would have looked at me like I was some sort of lunatic.


This awesome trunk didn’t know it at the time, but in its new life it would serve as a great coffee table. Formerly, it was constructed in 1942 by Fisher Price and it was used as a medical trunk. It even has the old cool red crosses still visible on the sides of the wood…… Love love love. And so did my client.
So I brought her home, cleaned her up good, scrubbed the inside, sanded down the rough splintery, exterior wood, added some cool locking caster wheels…..and waa-laa. Awesome coffee table for her farmhouse unit.


Love the authentic, dented, stainless steel top .



In a different vintage antique store, I stumbled upon the most perfect antique ladder. This will be mounted partially to the wall in her bathroom to hold bath towels and hand towels and what not…..


This is in the store, the picture is a little blurry.


And here it is in my house…… Picture, not so blurry this time.  I also resourced some fantastic nightstands. It was truly the score, price wise, of the century. These nightstands would easily sell for over $100 a piece in a good antique store. Got them both for under $100.


This is a slight glimpse of the drop leaf kitchen table that I rehabbed for her (picture is prior to rehab)….you can see the table use to be an old black color.


Then I gave it a good cleaning, sanding, priming, and two different colors of paint. We mimicked the wall color and her white trim so the top of the table is white with an antique glaze and the base of the table is a pretty soft grey also with an antique glaze.




All is coming together quite nicely. I look forward to posting photos sometime soon after her launch.

Fall Wreath


Yes, Fall is coming. I haven’t decided yet as to whether or not I am excited about the change of season (snow, cold) or ready to boycott it. Apparently, I don’t have much of a choice. From what I have been told…….I cannot seem to control the weather. I really struggled to drag out all of the fall/Harvest home decor yesterday. After doing so though, I thought it might be helpful to change things up a bit…….maybe that will sway my mood. The jury is still out.

Today I went to Michaels and purchased some things to create a new wreath for the front door. That should get me started. Here is what I grabbed.



Their fall greenery was all 50% off and I used a coupon for the grapevine wreath……total was $26. Not too bad. I wanted this wreath to be a bit more monochromatic, creamy colors, than my other fall/harvest wreath which is the typical orange, burlap, pumpkins…..etc

I began with different layers and hot glue, first on were some greenery sprigs and wheat stalk type things.


Then I pieced in some sprigs of darker and lighter pussy willow type of greenery, I ripped apart the Halloween looking sprigs (as I only wanted the creamy pumpkins and leaves) and stuck those in, added a grey/blue flower out of one of my arrangements, added some french print burlap and plopped it on the door.





This is my old wreath…..


And the new creation….


Yesterday, I decided to paint my pumpkins……..lots of them. These larger ones I always put on my dining room table. What once looked liked so…..


was transformed into this with a bit of creamy white paint.



The little pumpkins, which are plastic, were also painted. I did a few white, some duck egg blue, and a couple in a french linen.




Hope each of you are ‘rockin’ your Fall decor……I need more inspiration please.

Antique Sign Reveal

As promised…….here is the reveal.

After looking at my homemade sign for several days, and considering how it might look in a few different areas of our home, it landed in the exact location that I initially intended it to live……..our front library area.


I think that it finishes out the wall space in between the bookshelves nicely.

Chicken Wire Cloche

So, I love cloches. I have multiple glass ones, big and small. And I am always on the lookout for more when perusing through antique stores or thrift shops.

I have seen many of variations of chicken wire cloches, so I decided to give it a shot.

I started with a roll of chicken wire, super cheap and available at any home improvement store, a can of Rustoleum’s ‘Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint, needle nose pliers, scissors & burlap ribbon. Gloves should really be on the list, since chicken wire is sharp……. But I’m an ‘instant gratification’ kind of gal when it comes to crafty things, so I powered through…. (“Ain’t nobody got time for that”).

I began by rolling out the chicken wire, this stuff is stiff. I decided on a diameter/width and cut the wire just a hair larger, and ended up with a tall dome…..which looked like so. The tedious part begins. To thoroughly connect the cylinder together, I used the pliers to loop and wrap the wire at every little opened section. I wanted it to look as uniform as possible. Chicken wire bends easily, so that’s a plus.

Then I decided on a height and cut my tall cylinder a little bit over 1/2 way up, as I need material to bend and twist and join together to create the domed top portion of the cloche. (I neglected to snap a picture at this stage, sorry).

I took it outside and gave it a good shot of spray paint, let that dry, and then hit it again to fill in any missed areas. I only painted it because I did not want the cloche to be silver. And I love ‘Oil Rubbed Bronze’.
When that was complete, I brought it back in and filled it with some previously made grass covered styrofoam balls and small white roses. You could use any sort of knob, decorative cork/bottle stop or finial at the top……I didn’t happen to have one on hand. So I tied some burlap ribbon to the top and added a small cardboard note w/a mini clothes pin. Anyone can do this, super simple (and cheap) DIY. And the results………





Paper Craze ~ Decorating with Book Pages

After creating the wreath out of an old book, I decided to decorate a few more items……well, just several candles. One of the books I picked up at ‘Savers’ was a spiritual book. It is filled with wonderful, inspirational and spiritual quotes, stories, and biblical passages written by multiple different authors. While I am going to create a few more paper wreaths, after reading through this book I decided that many of these pages should be framed, used, displayed……to make reading the passages possible. My favorite……..this one, wrapped around the candle that is sitting on my seasonal entry table.

So very fitting for the Thanksgiving holiday.



These candles also sit within my entry way. With these pages however, I stained them with some coffee to give them an antique look. (You can also do this with tea. I just happened to have some leftover coffee in my brewer, so I used the coffee). I soaked them for just a few minutes, placed them on a baking sheet and baked them in the oven for about 10 minutes to dry them out. Wrapped them around the candles and added a little twine. Would love to see any of your ‘paper’ ideas!




Antique, Chippy, Window Frame…..Becomes Burlap covered Pin Board

Shared a photo of this chippy window frame a few weeks ago. I found it at that awesome Paris Street Market.


Wasnt sure quite what I was going to do with her. I have been wanting to create a burlap covered board and already had my hubby working on making the frames for these boards that I am giving as gifts. (Instructions for creating those are on that post.)


Had enough foam insulation board left to cut to size for the window frame, covered it in the same process as the other boards, used nails from behind to brace/secure the foam piece in there…….it was a good snug fit to begin with also, so that helped. Then I added some twine that I wrapped around bronze colored tacks and actually hot glued those into place so that they would not wiggle around, as I pulled the twine as taught as possible, so that I can clip and hang pictures and what not from it. Now, where to put her? I decided to hang it up above my chippy table at our front door entry. So sweet….