Antique, Chippy, Window Frame…..Becomes Burlap covered Pin Board

Shared a photo of this chippy window frame a few weeks ago. I found it at that awesome Paris Street Market.


Wasnt sure quite what I was going to do with her. I have been wanting to create a burlap covered board and already had my hubby working on making the frames for these boards that I am giving as gifts. (Instructions for creating those are on that post.)


Had enough foam insulation board left to cut to size for the window frame, covered it in the same process as the other boards, used nails from behind to brace/secure the foam piece in there…….it was a good snug fit to begin with also, so that helped. Then I added some twine that I wrapped around bronze colored tacks and actually hot glued those into place so that they would not wiggle around, as I pulled the twine as taught as possible, so that I can clip and hang pictures and what not from it. Now, where to put her? I decided to hang it up above my chippy table at our front door entry. So sweet….