Vintage Chic, Antiqued, China Cabinet

My latest creation was this precious china cabinet. It wasn’t so precious when I got it, but I knew I could revive this piece with some paint and elbow grease. This is the piece before…….

I have been reading a lot about homemade chalk paint. A much cheaper version compared to some expensive name brands. There are many variations of homemade chalk paint out there and I decided on the method of mixing eggshell finish, latex paint with Calcium Carbonate (powder form) purchased from The Natural Grocer. It mixes very smooth and resulted in an easy painting process. Also, because of what I have read, many have claimed that priming the furniture before hand, when using chalk paint, is not necessary. So, I threw caution to the wind (because I always prime everything), sanded it a bit and wiped it down good, mixed up the chalk paint and got busy. It went on beautifully……with no primer. Gotta love that. I painted the outside a creamy white and the inside is a french, grey/blue. So here it is all painted up…….


Then I tastefully distressed it, but not too much. After that I used some wood stain to antique it and before the stain dried I rubbed finishing wax on it to spread/ lighten the depth of the stain. And the results look like so…….very pleased.