Ottoman – DIY Upholstery Change

I’m a lover of a good bargain. Sometimes, certain things can be overlooked if the price is right. Like the damage to this sweet ottoman when I purchased it. So, it didn’t always look this way….it actually began here.

This is the original material that came on the ottoman. And yes, I purchased it…lovely rips in the fabric and all. Initially, I envisioned recovering it right away. But time, kids and life got away from me and I’m sad to admit…I used it like this for several years (with the rips facing the couch), so not super noticeable. Fast forward and I finally recovered it with this fun material.

While my taste and design style has evolved slightly over the years, I’ve always leaned toward more of a relaxed look. I mean, we have 5 kids, so our home is totally lived in. This fabric was great for a season (several years), but it was begging for a change. Enter drapery panel. Yep, drapery panel. 

I have been looking to reupholster this in sort of a grain sack fabric. I love the various looks, colors and patterned stripes of grain sack. I was about to pull the trigger on ordering some of that  material when I stumbled upon this look alike fabric, in the form of a curtain panel, at Hobby Lobby. Using my coupon, I scored this for $17.49. Even reproduction grain sack would’ve run me 3 times that. 

 Because the panel wouldn’t fully cover the width of the ottoman in either direction, I did have to cut and sew the end pieces on. However, because of the stripes I was able to line it up quite nicely and the seams are almost unnoticeable. Can you see it just above the top thin stripe?

I removed the legs, since they unscrew easily, and used a staple gun to attach the material underneath the edges of the ottoman.

I measured the stripes and centered them on the ottoman before stapling. It helps to tack one side, smooth the material, pull it taught, and staple the opposite side. Then I created a simple fold down each corner. 

The finishing touch is the nailhead trim. I’ve used this product on other furniture that I’ve reupholstered.

I purchase this at Hobby Lobby as well. Super easy to use. It’s the antique gold. I lined it up and got busy tacking it down. 

This trim looks like it’s loads of individual gold tacs. However, there are 4 faux tacs in between each actual opening. I like to lay out the trim and then tac every other hole, going back and filling in. I just eyeball it, so for me it helps to visually keep a straight line. 

My confession, my left over nailhead trim only allowed me to go half way around the ottoman. So let’s pretend it’s all finished. Ta-Da!!! So much better.