Dutch Tulip Crate love…..

Many of you, like myself, probably have a love for the HGTV show ‘Fixer Upper’.  I could watch every rerun of each episode and never grow tired of it.  I always seem to find/see something new that I missed the first time around. And……I mean really, are they not just the most darling couple too boot? It’s fun to watch how they work together to incorporate each other’s ideas and areas of expertise. Suffice it to say, it’s maybe my favorite show EVER! 

Having said that, have you ever visited their website/online store?   Click here to check it out. Sooo fabulous. I want pretty much one of everything.  Or, maybe you’re lucky enough to have actually visited their market in Waco? That’s on my bucket list of road trips (if I had one). For now, I can only scroll all of the magnificent items for purchase via their website. And purchase I did……well, just one item. My favorite item. Their most fabulous Dutch Tulip Crate.

I am signed up to receive their website announcements and news. Last week they were having their biggest sale to date and I have been eyeballing this Dutch Tulip Crate for some time now.  So it had to be done…..and it arrive on my front porch this morning. Giddy with excitement was an understatement.  I can think of several places that I would like to use it, but for now I am really enjoying it on our coffee table in the TV room. 

True to its rustic form, the metal mesh is a little rusted, with a nice patina.  There was even residual dirt caked on it from the tulip bulbs it use to house.  Just makes me love it that much more. If you have an opportunity you should check out Joanna Gaines Magnolia market. Warning……the items are all highly tempting.