French Provincial, Shabby Chic, Curvy Front Dresser Makeover

Things have been so busy around here, and before I knew it……I had 4 pieces of furniture waiting to be rehabbed. Time to get my butt in gear. First in line, this darling gem. Solid wood, 9 drawer dresser. Though I could totally see using it as a buffet/sideboard/server, and that is exactly how I will list it. Those are my ‘go to’ pieces, as they are incredibly versatile. (And they tend to sell super quick, always a bonus).

She has been sitting in my garage for almost 2 weeks. From a distance, it would seem as though she doesn’t need much. But this was used in a teen girls bedroom and the top had all sorts of stains on it from drinks, nail polish, stickers remains….etc. So always, I clean my pieces first with any type of degreaser. Then, a good sanding and wipe away the dust. Normally, I would prime after that, however this piece looked to have been painted with chalk paint and didn’t required a primer. Something to think about folks, chalk paint (be it name brand or homemade) is almost always sealed with wax. Because of this, you have to remove the wax before you paint over it…..or the paint will not stick. A good once over with some sand paper will remove the wax.
My last few pieces I finished in that amazing blue, ‘Distance’ (by Behr), so I decided to go a different route with this frenchy piece. Appropriately so……I decided on a french grey color, ‘Sparrow’ (by Behr). I prefer an eggshell finish in the Behr standard, zero VOC enamel. Not the paint plus primer.


I think I will trim out some of the white (in ‘Pot of cream’ by Behr) for added detail/dimension, before distressing, glazing and waxing.

Original hardware will go right back on, so elegant. Hoping to post the final reveal with in the next day or 2. Thanks for stopping by :@)


Stunning Buffet, Completely Chic

In my last post, I shared some pics of a buffet/sideboard that I was in the process of transforming for a client. Just completed it this morning and I am tickled with the results. I know she will love this piece as well. It’s going to be difficult to let it go.

After 2 coats of my new favorite blue, ‘Distance’, I gently and elegantly distressed it. I don’t like to go crazy with the distressing……… I’d rather see subtle elements of it here and there.


After the sanding, I used some java brown glaze on it. I apply it with a cheap ‘chip’ brush and wipe it off with utility paper towels. I also use unscented baby wipes to control the depth, removing as needed and reapplying more if necessary. It’s really all about preference. The legs on his piece have wonderful detail and I love to see the pop of glaze in all the nooks and crannies.


I let the glaze dry over night and then applied 2 coats of Polycrylic (satin/clear) on the top and one coat on the rest. My client will be using this as a bar area, so durability is key.

All of the hardware was brought back to life with a hearty scrub and major polishing using Brasso. The hardware went from dark and dreary to bright and shiny. So classy looking………Love me some Brasso!!!!!!! You can see the major difference. My client is picking up tomorrow, so I will be praying for her to be delighted with it. I always love creating special pieces for people to enjoy for years to come. That’s the total blessing.


Rehabbed Vintage – Elegant Buffet/Sideboard

Just finished this little beauty. Came across this piece when a girlfriend took me to a vintage/antiques dealer that she was purchasing some things from. I loved the size and sweet details on the upper drawers. Sadly, the trim on the lower drawers was all but gone. So I had to chip and pry away at the rest of the trim to remove it and then sand good to smooth it out. Adding to the trim or duplicating it was not an option, given the age and the design.

This is how she started. A bit beat up and sad. After some sanding I applied a good coat of primer, then 2 coats of Behr ‘Distance’ (awesome blue) in an eggshell finish.


I let that dry overnight (which I highly recommend) before elegantly distressing with sandpaper. Wiped it down good with a tack cloth and began glazing. I’ve used several different methods for this. Previously, my favorite glaze was Valspars antiquing glaze…..which I still love. I have also used different colors of Minwax wood stain to age and antique. This time I used my other ‘go to’ product which is Rustoleum’s Java Brown glaze. I brush it on with a cheap brush and then wipe it off with rags and some wipes. Yes, unscented baby wipes. You have to play a little bit with how much you wipe off and you made need additional coats. I ended up doing 2 coats of glaze.

Let that cure and dry well overnight………before waxing or applying Polycrylic. Repeat after me, “I will let my glazed furniture dry overnight prior to applying any finishing protective product.” Well done! After church, the next day, I applied a good coat of Minwax Finishing Paste. It’s my go to FAV! Wipe it on, let it dry for 15-20 minutes and wipe it off. The finish this produces is just the best vintage touch. Love, love, love it.

The original hardware was soooooo tarnished. So I busted out the Brasso and got busy. That product rocks!!!! This is not a quick process. In fact, I spent over an hour polishing. But look how pretty they cleaned up! So totally worth it.

Now she’s all prettied up wearing her Sunday best and ready for a new home.






Vintage China Cabinet……..I didn’t intend to keep her πŸ˜‰

When I purchased this piece she was sad and in distress. She need new molding around the top, so once again, handy hubby to the rescue. We purchased some trim molding from Home Depot and he miter cut it perfectly to to size, then used small finishing nails to attach it. This piece was covered in heavy old stain, so I sanded GOOD, did 2 coats of primer. (I LOVE Bullseye 123). Because touches of stain were still slightly seeping through, I did 3 coats of paint. Antique white on the exterior and my fav’ French grey/blue on the inside. Then she was elegantly distressed, antiqued with glaze and covered in Polycrylic. Perfect piece to house some of my sweet mothers china and she looked lovely all on her own. I just couldn’t part with her, though many have asked if she was for sale. And I love that is has the sweet skeleton key for locking the glass doors. PRECIOUS!!