Teen Bedroom Tweek, Goes Bohemian Chic

Several years ago I shared a post re: our daughters bedroom. She had a fun loft bed and my hubby and I built a pallet day bed/couch/lounge area to sit underneath it. This was her set up. Great for friends, hanging out and she loved it. (Please ignore the unmade bed up top).

This combination is still getting pinned on Pinterest daily. I only know, because I receive the notice on my phone…..and to date its been pinned 9.5 k. Which is a bit hysterical. It’s fun to watch that number continually increase. Guess I’m not the only Pinterest addict.

About 8 months ago our daughter decided it was time for a change. She, and her taste, have certainly grown and evolved. She is weeks away from 17 now and she is a total Boho, beachy, wanderlust, creative girl. It all started with shiplap. My husband and I had put it on a focal wall in our master and on another wall downstairs in our library/music room. She knew instantly that she wanted some shiplap in her room. Our youngest son, now 14, was dying for her setup in his room and that worked out grand. So we were recreating 2 rooms at once. Here’s his set up that I posted a few weeks ago. 

I have to confess, that the pictures taken while recreating my daughters room are, for now, unavailable. Destroyed my phone in a skiing accident and got a new phone. But I have soooo many photos to still retrieve off of the crushed phone. So these pics aren’t really before and afters, they are all afters. LOL

Because we have a walk out basement, our daughters room is actually 3 stories up from the backyard. She has a sweet deck w/French doors off of her bedroom. (Every teen girl should have this off of their room). Her views of the mountains and downtown Denver are epic. In fact, she has the best views in the house. We watch about 30+ different sets of fireworks from her deck every 4th of July. We applied the shiplap to the rear wall. It’s such a fun element.

Everything we created and purchased was a total bargain. Mirror above her bed went to an old buffet that I rehabbed for a client and she did not want the mirror, so I stripped the old wood stain down and hung it above her bed. The faux tapestry is a throw rug from TARGET (we couldn’t find one she really liked). I stained a wooden dowel, drilled holes through it and attached the rope. 

Cute little side table was a clearance find from TARGET several years ago…it was sitting in my master, so I stole it from myself. Looks perfect in here. And the other fun round gold table was an awesome TARGET clearance score that someone had ordered online and returned to the store. Our daughter sits in this little chair constantly, journaling, looking at many travel and photography books or playing her Ukulele. 

Her headboard is from our old guest bedroom. It is a cheap ‘pleather’ headboard. That just wasn’t going to cut the mustard in this room. So I purchased the grey linen fabric from IKEA and reupholstered the headboard. Nailhead trim I already had from reupholstering our TV room sitting chair.

We already had the desk from IKEA and the TV stand. I added decorative corner pieces to the desk from Home Depot, just to dress it up a little. The upper shelves are wood pieces, cut and stained by myself, mounted to brackets and hung on the wall for storage. The bedside light and the clamp light at her desk are both from IKEA. I LOVE these lights. I have 3 of the black ones in my TV room area.

And we did the same type of single shelf over her TV stand for her flatscreen to be mounted higher on the wall. As you can see, we still need to cover the wires.

And there you have it. A teen bedroom tweek, gone Boho chic.

For the Love of Shiplap


I have never been a fan of wood paneling on walls. I’m talking about Brady Bunch esq’, 1970’s, brown, thin, laminate type paneling???  No thank you. However, solid pine, tongue and groove, white, shiplap type paneling….makes my heart skip a beat.

If you’re  a lover of all things Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines (like me), then you understand the type of Shiplap I am referring to. I’ve been dying to add some to the focal wall in our bedroom. So a few weeks ago, my awesome and handy hubby helped me to make that a reality.

We simulated the look of shiplap but did not use traditional shiplap. Rather, we purchased solid pine, tongue and groove boards from Home Depot that measured 6 inches wide by 8-10 feet long. And mainly because they gave the same effect at a reduced cost (approx $2.50 less per board than regular shiplap).

My husband is a step away from Bob Villa and has just about every tool we might need for any home improvement project big or small. What a guy.

Measured amt. Of shiplap material
Measured amt. Of quarter round trim
Air compressor
Nail gun (w/long enough nails)
Tape measure
Chalk line tool
Stud finder
Caulk and spackle
Primer (Bulls Eye 123)
Paint (SW Alabaster white)

We began by locating the wall studs and marking them with a pencil. This way we know where to use the nail gun. You could go an extra step, as we have read, and use some liquid nails as well….but truly that seemed like over kill to us. Normally, you would begin this process from the floor up. We did it in reverse,  guess that’s just how we roll. But seriously, we did that because we found out by way of doing crown molding in our bedroom that our ceilings are not exactly level. So, knowing that the crown is absolutely level, we wanted to start where we knew things would look right. I’d rather have a small gap or an issue at the floor (preferably behind the bed) than up at the ceiling where I will stare at it constantly. Make sense?


After we lined up the first boards, things moved along pretty smoothly. With each new row we measured the board, cut them to size and staggered the seams, sort of randomly really. (Have I mentioned how MUCH I love to use the nail gun? OMG…its addicting). We weren’t going for a specific pattern. And some of the wood has knots and imperfections which I feel just adds to the rustic charm.


When we got to the bottom near the baseboards there was only a small gap on one side of the room. We knew this would be the case because of the issues that we had when we first hung our crown molding. I filled it in with extra caulk and no one will ever know except us. Then my husband measured and cut the quarter round trim pieces to add in the corners of the wall.


Moving right along with all of your supplies on hand, one could probably finish the wall within a few hours. It took us a couple of days because my husband was leaving town on business. And then of course, I had to paint everything.


This is how it look before priming and painting. It’s lovely if you’re going for that blue Pine, very rustic look. I knew from the beginning I wanted mine White. And I love the end result.


Now, I’d like a new bed frame. I’ve been on the hunt for something a little less ornate and probably upholstered. We shall see. Until then, I’m loving the wall and I’d like to do a few more walls in the house.