Front Door Spring-A-Ling-A-Ling Wreath

My front door needed something cheery. Something that gave a ‘shout out’ as to my readiness for ‘actual’ spring. Not this make believe spring where it’s nice one day and then 20 degrees and snowing the next. No sir-ree. I need full on, green grass, flowers blooming, birds chirping sort of spring.

After paying a visit to Hobby Lobby today, I gathered all of my supplies to create a whimsical spring time wreath.

I began with a simple grapevine wreath, some greenery, wispy florals, larger flowers, interesting cone type of floral, hot glue and a glue gun (of course) & a sweet little bird in a little nest. Of course the birdie is not real, he would just fly away.



I began with the greenery, cut it apart and stuck it I the wreath here and there as the base layer…..glued each piece as I went.

On top of that I cut the whimsical clusters of small white and green flowers and did the same thing as the greenery.

For the 3rd layer, I cut apart these clusters of precious lilac colored itty bitty flowers and stuck them in sort of randomly, gluing as I went.

Finally, I added the larger green flowers, a couple of small cream colored roses, the odd but fun cone floral thingys and last but not least, the precious little bird. Front door spring ‘bling’……done and done!!




Gettin’ My Spring On…….

Suffice it to say…….I’m over the cool, cold, chilly willy weather. I say, “Bring The Spring” already. As I sit at my kitchen table, we have a rain/snow mix rockin outside and it’s a lovely 36 degrees. I mean…….really?

Now that the reds, greens, golds, silver and glitter of Christmas are gone, I am so ready for for the cheery happy colors of spring. It may be ‘Brown Town’ outside (since everything except our blue spruce trees is brown)……I’m gettin my spring on.

I had a slew of styrofoam balls left over from Christmas. I anticipated making cute ornaments to give away to friends and neighbors, but got side tracked with an alternate gift idea and stashed these away. So while in Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago I grabbed several packages of this lovely green sheet moss.

Got out my glue gun and went to town. I just ripped pieces of the sheet moss apart and hot glued it on. (FYI – super messy). My kitchen island looked like I had a full on gardening session…….dirt, grassy remnants everywhere. But totally worth it, cheap (one of my favorite words…….other than ‘free’) and easy.

I place all of them inside a large glass cloche that I got ages ago from PB on final clearance. I tucked in some dried roses here and there……and waa -laa. Let the cheery begin.
Flowers are my favorite, they make me happy and I am sort of addicted. Pretty artificial flowers are a quick fix for helping me to get my spring on. While strolling through the decor section of Wal-Mart, I came across these pretty pink and white flowers. I added a few that I already had and loved how they brightened up my kitchen table. (I’m thinking my brown burlap runner needs to go away for a while……. So I’m going to make another.)


I also found these precious little Easter eggs in a bunch at my grocery store yesterday. So I plopped a few here and there in my dining room inside some of my china.



Maybe, with the right attitude, spring will come knockin’ at my door sooner, as opposed to later. One can dream, right???