Paint and Stencils (wood sign & coffee station)

I have several pieces of remnant pallet wood that I have been wanting to do something with. I certainly have plenty of paint in my workshop, so that…..along with some stencils, allowed me to create this.


Soooo, not a professional sign by any means, but that’s totally our eclectic style. I painted the wood piece a creamy white homemade chalk paint, dry brushed on a grey/blue homemade chalk paint, used black paint for the stencils (hand painted the numbers……hence the reason they look different from the letters), sanded it randomly all over, and then used wood stain to antique it. Finished it off with clear wax. Sweet hubby added 2 screws to the back and a piece of wire so we could hang it above our kitchen sink. Great way to use that left over wood.

Because I was in the stenciling mood, I decided to paint & stencil an old wooden tray that has been sitting in our storage room. I have been looking for a cute tray of some sort to house our coffee stuff in the kitchen (I am a coffee addict), so I repurposed my old ugly burgundy colored tray. I used homemade chalk paint in a grey/blue color and painted the entire tray, sanded it it really well all over randomly, antiqued it with dark wood stain and finished it with clear wax. The only letters I was able to actually stencil were the capital letters (I don’t have lower case ones), so majority was done free hand. I decided on the ‘cafe au lait’ (cafe o lay) which means coffee w/ milk in French. Enjoyed tons of this while in Paris years ago with my husband. So it seemed appropriate. Quick, easy and cheap fix for a coffee station.