Christmas Candles


We usually bake some goodies to take to all of the neighbors, and while we will be doing that again this year, we wanted to give each of them a little something to keep as well. I thought it would be fun to do some decorative candles. So here is what I did……

I started with some unscented candles from the Dollar Tree. The Mod Podge was left over from my previous post for photos on canvas. Then, I perused the internet for free printable Christmas sheet music. So many to choose from. After I printed the music, I ripped the page to size, to fit the length of the candle. Cutting it would have made such clean edges and I was going for a more rustic look. I then antiqued the pages, soaking them in some coffee, and drying them out in the oven. The little jingle bells were also purchased at the Dollar Tree in a pack of 20 I think. The black burlap and twine were also left over from previous projects.

I coated the glass with some mod podge and wrapped the sheet music around it. Let that dry and applied another coat of mod Podge. When that was dry I cut a small strip of burlap and hot clued that on and finished it off with a piece of twine tied through the little bell. Super easy and cheery. I’m thinking a grouping of these would be super cute with various music titles for different Christmas songs.

Paper Craze ~ Decorating with Book Pages

After creating the wreath out of an old book, I decided to decorate a few more items……well, just several candles. One of the books I picked up at ‘Savers’ was a spiritual book. It is filled with wonderful, inspirational and spiritual quotes, stories, and biblical passages written by multiple different authors. While I am going to create a few more paper wreaths, after reading through this book I decided that many of these pages should be framed, used, displayed……to make reading the passages possible. My favorite……..this one, wrapped around the candle that is sitting on my seasonal entry table.

So very fitting for the Thanksgiving holiday.



These candles also sit within my entry way. With these pages however, I stained them with some coffee to give them an antique look. (You can also do this with tea. I just happened to have some leftover coffee in my brewer, so I used the coffee). I soaked them for just a few minutes, placed them on a baking sheet and baked them in the oven for about 10 minutes to dry them out. Wrapped them around the candles and added a little twine. Would love to see any of your ‘paper’ ideas!




Framed out burlap covered pin board

So, remember I said that I bought a bunch of burlap at Hobby Lobby…..well I decided to finally make some message/pin boards. I have seen bazillions of burlap covered boards in various shapes, sizes, designs…etc, on Pinterest. With my sweet hubby willing to help and cut the wood, here is what we did.

Materials were:
Burlap of course
Cheap 1×3 wood trim pieces (or whatever you prefer)
Thin canvas drop cloth (or muslin)
1 thin sheet of backer board, similar to bead board but smooth
1 piece of foam board/ insulation (ours was 2ft x 4ft)
-it runs about $2.65 at Home Depot and my husband cut it
in half so that I could create 2, 2 x 2 boards.
Primer, paint, hot glue gun/or staple gun, sand paper…

Mister handy cut the wood to create a simple 2 x 2 frame, then he scored and cut the foam insulation board. Because the insulation in silver on one side and printed on the other, I needed to first cover it with something thin to go under the burlap, since it too is a bit see through. So here is what I used.

I cut this to size and glued this onto the board then wrapped it with burlap tight and stapled it down.

My husband finished up the frames and created a back board so that the framing could be attached to it for added stability and that way we can also attach hardware for hanging them.

Here they are all framed out, but unpainted. Center board is not permanently affixed inside, popped it in for the picture.

Primed, sanded smooth and painted with 2 coats of a creamy white, but not quite finished.
I am going to add some twine across the front I think. An extra dimension and it will add a bit of whimsy.


The twine is so divine!!!! Did I mention these are gifts…..